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Risotto aux épinards

I discovered spinach risotto many years ago at a dinner party in Venice. Our host, a genial fellow named Giorgio, was chatting me up, so I followed him into the kitchen and watched as he chopped and sautéd and ladled … Continue reading

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Cabillaud au chorizo

The other day I decided to try to recreate a dish I vaguely remembered — cod with chickpeas, spinach and chorizo chips. It felt just right for a brisk, pre-spring sunny day. I checked my favorite Spanish cookbook, couldn’t find … Continue reading

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Epinards sautés à l’ail

Baby spinach lightly sautéd in olive oil with garlic is one of my favorite ways of preparing this versatile veggie. Add a dash of lemon juice and you have a treat with a southern French edge. In northern France you’re … Continue reading

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Deux tartes fines

We’re galloping toward the holiday season, so this post kicks off a series of recipes that you may enjoy pre-, post- and during the end of year festivities — beginning with two tartes fines, the French version of pizza. The … Continue reading

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Soupe aux épinards crème à l’aïl

This summer I met a man on a beach named Popeye. Did he eat his spinach? I didn’t stick around long enough to find out — but if he did, he might have enjoyed this spinach soup topped with garlic … Continue reading

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Quiche aux épinards et pignons de pin

There’s a Mediterranean flavor to this quiche with spinach, pine nuts and parmesan. Perfect for lunch, accompanied by a salad and a glass of rosé, it’s a fine dish as we head into the sunny days of spring. It can … Continue reading

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Saumon à l’oseille

At some point in the wee hours of this morning, Paris time, views of this culinary blog soared past 100,000. That’s not huge by web standards. Last year I met a fellow at a cookbook conference who told me his … Continue reading

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Coulibiac — it’s a French dish, right? The first time I made this succulent layered fish pie was back in the 1970s, with a Julia Child recipe. But wait. It’s also Russian, isn’t it? They call it kulebiaka and fill … Continue reading

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Quiche au saumon fumé

At cooking class the other day, the students wanted to make quiche. Fine. But which kind to propose? Quiche lorraine with cream and bacon felt too heavy for spring, never mind that it’s still raining in Paris. Ditto flamiche, the … Continue reading

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Salade d’épinards avec pancetta

I often find myself craving this salad as winter sets in. The deep green leaves of the spinach topped by crispy brown pancetta look so appealing on the plate. The sauce of lemon, olive oil and garlic is so tangy … Continue reading

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