Cocktail mimosa

Mimosa cocktail

This cocktail of Champagne and orange juice takes its name from the bright yellow blossoms of the mimosa tree. Have one, and you’ll start your day with a kick. Have two, and you won’t worry about a thing for the rest of the day.

Purists would say it’s a sin to add anything to Champagne, and if you agree it’s fine to use a different sparkling wine — as long as it’s brut (very dry). Avoid the sweet stuff, which would adulterate the delicate flavor. Decorate the glasses with a twist of orange peel for a festive touch.

It is traditional, but not necessary, to add a teaspoon of Grand Marnier or triple sec to each glass before topping up with the sparkly. For a blushing mimosa, add a teaspoon of grenadine syrup, then top with Champagne.

1 orange
1 bottle of chilled Champagne or another sparkling wine
4 tsp. Grand Marnier, triple sec or grenadine (optional)

Using a sharp paring knife, cut four strips of orange peel before squeezing the orange. Then squeeze out the juice, making sure to remove any seeds.

Fill four Champagne flutes 1/3 of the way up with orange juice. Add a twist of peel to each. If using a flavoring, add 1 tsp. per glass now. Top with the sparkly. Serves 4.

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