The Everyday French Chef is the modern cook’s guide to producing fabulous French cuisine without spending hours in the kitchen.

Meg6As I do in my own home, and as you can do, any day of the week, or every day.

All of the recipes on this site are both simple and authentic. They draw on my brief experience as a professional chef in the States and in Paris, and on my career as an enthusiastic cook for friends and family during more than 30 years in France.

Many of the dishes that appear here have been tested by the students who come to an informal cooking class in my Paris kitchen. I rely on them, and will rely on you through your comments, to point out glitches in the recipes — or to let me know when they are brilliantly successful!

As we go along, we will cover the dishes of the classic French repertoire as well as contemporary French cuisine, and I will explain how to make these dishes in minutes, not hours — as French women and men do in their own kitchens every day.

For the moment, I will simply say that The Everyday French Chef takes a creative approach to French cuisine that aims to increase your pleasure both in the kitchen and at the table. It’s a modern, down-to-earth way of cooking that will allow you to put delicious French food on your table in the simplest possible way, any day, or every day.

— Meg Bortin

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  1. Hope Keller says:

    Meg, you are going to make me begin cooking again — thank you!!!

  2. Mary McC. says:

    Bonjour! I just discovered your blog. It’s fantastic! I am a professor of French in the US, and I’m always looking for easy, healthy French recipes. I think I’ve found the website I need! Thank you so much!

  3. Meg, I’ve just nominated you for Il Blog Affidabile award. See http://agardenerstable.com.

  4. Christine Griffith says:

    Hi Meg
    I have been in NZ for two weeks but now back in Melbourne and really enjoying your website……brings back such happy memories of the cooking classes! I will get my sister to sign up from Auckland so she can share your wonderful recipes and knowledge.
    I am looking forward to cooking up a storm now that summer has arrived with all its wonderful fresh produce.
    Best regards
    Christine x

    • Meg says:

      Christine, it’s so much fun imagining my recipes being created somewhere as far from France as New Zealand! Or even Australia!! I’m about to post my recipe for artichauts vinaigrette. Does that bring back any memories? All best, Meg

  5. Jan says:

    I, too, was led here via Martin Walker’s website!

    • Meg says:

      That’s so great! And I have to say that Martin’s site is full of fabulous recipes from southwest France. He seems to know something about that area of the world … as does his delightful Inspector Bruno…

  6. Eva Kaluzynska says:

    Greetings from Brussels! Love the blog and please get in touch. I too am still cooking with like-minded friends. Let’s compare notes soon… Bises, Eva

  7. Ron Fox says:

    Please add me to your mailing list.


    • Meg says:

      Thank you, Ron. I am trying to get an email subscription service set up and as soon as I do I’ll be back in touch. For the moment, you can sign up for an RSS feed by clicking on RSS entries toward the bottom of the home page. All best, Meg

  8. joyce Kastel says:

    Martin Walker introduced me to your website, which I love. However, how do I subscribe? Please feel free to add me to your followers, and thank you.

    • Meg says:

      Joyce, it’s so great to hear that you like the site. Sooner or later, and I do hope it will be sooner, I will have icons at the top of the site to allow interested readers to subscribe via email, Facebook, RSS, etc. But there is already a way to receive a daily email update via RSS. On the right-hand column of my home page you will see a category called Meta. Click on RSS Entries, and when that page opens click on Actions, Subscribe in Mail.

  9. Bonnie Farrell says:

    Hi Meg

    Love trying all sorts of different dishes. I happen to use fennel quite often but never tried it in soup. Great website. Going to share with friends.

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