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Poulet bonne femme

A Russian friend was coming over for a cooking lesson. He wanted to learn to make easy dishes he could prepare ahead of time to serve when friends came for supper at his dacha. Top of his list was … … Continue reading

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Deux tartes fines

We’re galloping toward the holiday season, so this post kicks off a series of recipes that you may enjoy pre-, post- and during the end of year festivities — beginning with two tartes fines, the French version of pizza. The … Continue reading

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Salade de l’ambassadeur

Late summer, when fruit is bountiful and ripely delicious, is the best time to make this salad of tender greens topped by fresh figs, pears, mushrooms, pine nuts and bresaola (Italian dried beef). The unusual combination is the brainchild of … Continue reading

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Coulibiac — it’s a French dish, right? The first time I made this succulent layered fish pie was back in the 1970s, with a Julia Child recipe. But wait. It’s also Russian, isn’t it? They call it kulebiaka and fill … Continue reading

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Omelette aux cèpes

One can make a fine omelet with any kind of mushrooms, but the combination of eggs with porcinis — cèpes in French — is out of this world. Which is why so many French food lovers go into the forests … Continue reading

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Escalopes de veau à la crème, salade mâche-betterave

A friend from England is coming for lunch en route to his Eurostar home. He expects a good meal and you don’t want to disappoint him. But you’ve been working at your computer all morning and now he’s about to … Continue reading

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