Sauce vinaigrette à la moutarde

mustard vinaigretteMustard vinaigrette is France’s most widely used sauce for dressing salads and vegetables. Unfortunately many bistros now use a bottled variety that does not begin to match the real thing. You will get best results if you use imported Dijon mustard, and if you use a light salad oil with a neutral flavor, like sunflower oil, instead of a heavier oil like olive oil.

This recipe makes enough sauce for a salad for two people. It may be easily doubled or tripled, or more, as necessary. The oil should be added one teaspoon at a time to the sauce to emulsify properly. For a tangy sauce, use 3 tsp. oil. For a milder version, use 6 tsp.

1 heaping tsp. Dijon mustard
1 scant tsp. red wine vinegar
pinch of salt

3-6 tsp. salad oil
freshly ground black pepper
1 clove garlic

Mix the mustard and vinegar together in a small bowl. Add the salt. Now add the oil little by little, stirring constantly so that it emulsifies to form a thick sauce like a mayonnaise. Grind in some black pepper.

Peel and halve the garlic clove and add the halves to the sauce. Allow them to sit in the sauce for at least 10 minutes. Remove the garlic before serving.

For a demonstration, click on the video below.

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