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  1. CELINE COSSOU says:

    I just made this morning your Apricot- amandine tart…. so good, the pie crust is delicious, buttery, light a delight.
    A refaire encore et encore !

    • Meg says:

      Celine, thank you for this delightul comment! I’m so glad the tart turned out well. Fyi, I use the same crust recipe in most of the tarts on this site. You can try it, for example, with a tarte aux figues or tarte aux pommes in the autumn. Happy cooking!

  2. Susan Thorning says:

    Hello Meg. Spending so much time at home has prompted me to try some new things, including making cheese. I recall reading about farmhouse-made cheese in several travel and “escape to France” books but have been unable to locate a recipe. Is it common to make soft cheeses and other fermented dairy products in the French kitchen? If so, do you have any recipes to share?

    Best wishes
    Susan from Canada

    • Meg says:

      Hi Susan. It’s actually quite rare for people to make soft cheeses or other dairy products at home in France, the reason being that they are so easily obtainable at cheese shops, markets and supermarkets. I went through a phase of making my own whole-milk yogurt at one stage — it was delicious and easy — but it’s been many years. Have never made homemade fromage frais, but I did check it out and it turns out to be just as easy.

      Bring a liter/quart of milk and 1/2 cup heavy cream to a simmer. Turn off the heat. Add 3 tbsp. lemon juice and 1 tsp. salt. Allow to cool for about half an hour — curds will form. Line a sieve with a cheese cloth or thin cotton dish towel, place over a larger recipient and pour in the milk mixture. Allow to drain for about an hour. Unmold the cheese — et voilà! You can harden up the consistency of the cheese by letting it drain longer. Or for a smooth cheese, you can beat it with a fork or whip when it comes out of the sieve. Hope this helps and happy cooking! Meg

  3. louise lafferty says:

    I have been following your everyday french for the past 2 years and every recipe i make is AMAZING ! easy to follow and the real deal . Thank you Meg ! Merci !

    • Meg says:

      Thank you, Louise! Comments like this mean so much to me. As there are no ads on this site, my only compensation is the pleasure I give to readers. I live for that… Cheers, Meg

  4. Jane Grey says:

    Hi Meg,
    Really enjoyed your participation in the Paris Writers Workshop panel discussion today and thank you for your sharing. Love your beautiful website! You are very generous with your recipes. The photos are great too.
    Bravo and “très bonne continuation” !

  5. Tania says:

    Thank you so very much for the sauté d’agneau recipe. It was outstanding, I made it and served with the fennel and potato puree and my husband loved it as did I. A memorable meal I will cook again.


  6. Sheri Strybos says:

    Bonjour Meg,

    I’m new to your website, but excited about every aspect of creating French meals here in the US. I spent 3 weeks in France a couple of summers ago and indeed enjoyed experiencing the traditional meals served both in homes and in restaurants. I wondered if you had any information on your site about breakfast and lunch menus? I would appreciate hearing about any ideas you have on these topics. Thanks so much and I look forward to keeping up with all of your posts!!
    Sheri Strybos

    • Meg says:

      Hello Sheri, and welcome. I think you will find many ideas for French-inspired meals once you get familiar with the site. For lunch ideas, check out the Menus section — the Everyday Menus contain plenty of seasonal ideas for simple meals at lunch or dinnertime. As for French breakfasts, I haven’t really posted about that here as the French generally have nothing more than coffee, juice and a croissant or buttered bread to start the day. But I did contribute once to a post about breakfast around the world. Here’s the link if you’d like to take a look: I hope you continue to enjoy the site. All best, Meg

  7. Susan Thorning says:

    Happy Spring Meg, Eric and I are back from our travels and I’m back in the kitchen, mostly reproducing the fabulous meal that you put together for our cooking class in Paris. What fun that afternoon was! The conversation was as interesting as the food was delicious.

    You made every item on the menu easy, including the mayonnaise (which now appears on our table, with great frequency). The dessert has become the “house sweet” and guests are disappointed if I serve anything else.

    All the best to you. I’m waiting, impatiently, for your cookbook.

    Susan from Canada

    • Meg says:

      Susan, thanks so much! It’s great to hear from you and esp. to hear that you are enjoying the Everyday French Chef style of cooking. Hope to see you back in Paris one of these days soon. All best, Meg

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