Holiday menus

Guests are coming, it’s a sparkly occasion and you want to serve something fabulous. Here are suggestions for special feasts for celebrating Christmas and the New Year.

Of course some of these dishes take a bit of time, and a certain amount of planning is needed. Look through the list and mix and match to create your own outrageously wonderful combination.

Every one of these meals could begin with Champagne, the most festive drink of them all. So raise a glass with good cheer, and let me wish you happy holidays. Bonne fête!

Gala Dinner No. 1 / A festive feast

Soupe angevine / Sparkly Loire cocktail
Foie gras / Foie gras
Langouste beurre blanc Noilly / Lobster tails with Noilly beurre blanc sauce
Purée de patates douces / Sweet potato purée
Salade de cresson / Watercress salad
Assiette de fromages / Assorted cheeses
Clémentines et noix / Mandarin oranges and walnuts
Galette des rois / Kings cake
Champagne / Champagne

Gala Dinner No. 2 / In the French tradition

Kir champagne / Champagne kir
Foie gras / Foie gras on toast
Assiette d’huîtres / Oyster plate
Oie rôtie de Noël / Roast Christmas goose
Purée de fenouil / Finocchio purée
Artichauts poivrade grilles / Pan-seared baby artichokes
Salade mâche-endives / Salad of mâche and Belgian endive
Assiette de fromages / Cheese platter
Clémentines / Mandarin oranges
Mendiants/ Chocolate mendiants

Gala Dinner No. 3 / A very French holiday

Plateau de fruits de mer / Shellfish platter
Dinde à la française / Roast turkey, French style
Haricots verts à la française / Green beans, French style
Gratin de potiron Georges Blanc / George Blanc’s pumpkin gratin
Salade mesclun à l’huile de noix / Mixed greens from Provence
Plateau de fromages / Assorted cheeses
Mendiants / Chocolate mendiants

Gala Dinner No. 4 / A classic feast

Saumon mariné à la russe / Gravalax, French-Russian style
Perdreaux aux poires / Roast partridge with pears
Purée de céleri rave / Puréed celeriac
Riz sauvage / Wild rice
Salade de roquette / Arugula salad with balsamic vinegar
Plateau de fromages / Assorted cheeses
Charlotte glacée aux framboises / Iced raspberry charlotte

Gala Dinner No. 5 / A touch of elegance

Terrine de saumon / Salmon terrine
Rôti de canard au romarin / Rolled roast of duck with rosemary
Purée de potiron au parmesan / Pumpkin purée with parmesan
Poêlée de champignons des bois / Wild mushrooms with herbs
Salade de roquette / Arugula salad
Chèvre et clémentines / Goat cheese and mandarin oranges
Truffes aux chocolat / Chocolate truffles

Gala Dinner No. 6 / From the farm

Foie gras / Foie gras
Confit de canard / Duck confit
Gratin savoyard / Potato gratin from Savoie
Salade de cresson / Watercress salad
Plateau de fromages / Assorted cheeses
Poires au caramel / Caramelized pears
Butterbredel / Christmas cookies from Alsace

Gala Dinner No. 7 / From the sea

Assiette d’huîtres / Oyster plate
Crevettes mayonnaise / Shrimp with homemade mayonnaise
Coulibiac / Coulibiac
Salade verte à la française / Green salad, French style
Plateau de fromages / Assorted cheeses
Fruits de saison / Seasonal fruit
Kouglof / Kouglof cake from Alsace

croustillants chevre1Gala Dinner No. 8 / From the land (vegetarian)

Croustillants au chèvre-romarin-miel / Goat cheese pastries with rosemary and honey
Soupe au fenouil braisé / Braised fennel soup
Potimarron farci / Stuffed pumpkin
Riz sauvage / Wild rice
Salade mâche-betterave / Salad of lamb’s lettuce and beets
Plateau de fromages / Assorted cheeses
Vacherin aux fruits de la passion / Meringues with passion fruit and vanilla ice cream

mesclun poire4Gala Dinner No. 9 / From the land (vegan)

Salade d’hiver aux poires et aux noix / Winter salad with walnuts and pear
Courge butternut rôtie aux pignons / Roasted butternut squash with pine nuts
Poêlée de champignons des bois / Wild mushrooms with herbs
Haricots verts aux noix en salade / Green bean salad with walnuts
Grenade en salade / Pomegranate relish
Riz sauvage / Wild rice
Poires au vin et cassis / Pears in red wine and cassis

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  1. Christine says:

    I hope to try the iced raspberry charlotte at the beach!! Sounds perfect for a Kiwi Christmas in the sun. Joyeux Noel, Meg. 🙂

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