Assiette de fromages / Cheese plate
Biscuits de Noël aux amandes / Butter-almond crescents
Bûche de Noël chocolat-noisette / Chocolate-hazelnut Yule log
Butterbredel / Holiday cookies from Alsace
Charlotte aux fraises / Strawberry charlotte
Charlotte glacée aux framboises / Iced raspberry charlotte
Clafoutis aux cerises / Cherry clafoutis
Clafoutis aux poires / Pear flan
Compote de rhubarbe / Rhubarb compote
Crème caramelCrème caramel
Crêpes aux fraises / Strawberry crepes
Crumble à la rhubarbe / Rhubarb crumble
Crumble aux fraises / Strawberry crumble
Crumble aux myrtilles
/ Blueberry crumble
Crumble d’été aux prunes, pêches et cassis  / Summer crumble with plums, peaches and berries
Figues rôties à la crème
/ Fresh figs roasted in vanilla cream
Fraises au basilic et vinaigre balsamique / Strawberries with basil and balsamic
Fraises et framboises à la crème / Strawberries and raspberries with cream
Fruits d’été au cassis / Summer fruit cup with cassis
Fromage blanc aux pistaches et miel / Creamy cheese with pistachios and honey
Galette des rois / Kings cake
Gâteau aux noix avec fraises / Walnut cake with strawberries
Gâteau de fête au chocolat / Decorated chocolate cake
Gâteau noix-amandes-orange / Walnut-almond-orange cake
Genoise au citron et pavot / Lemon-poppyseed torte
/ Kouglof cake from Alsace
Linzertorte / Linzertorte
/ Chocolate mendiants
Meringues aux fruits des bois / Berry meringues
Mini cheesecakes au chèvre et cerises / Mini cherry cheesecakes with goat cheese
Mousse aux chataignes / Chestnut mousse
Mousse au chocolat / Chocolate mousse
Mousse aux fraises / Strawberry mousse
Mousse aux groseilles / Red currant mousse
Mousse de rhubarbe aux fraises / Rhubarb-strawberry mousse
Pêches au vin au romarin / Peaches poached in wine and rosemary
Pêches caramélisés aux figues et pignons de pin / Caramelized peaches with fresh figs and pine nuts
Poires au caramel / Caramelized pears
Poires au vin et cassis / Pears in red wine and cassis
Pommes au four / Baked apples
Pots de crème au chocolat
/ French chocolate cream
/ Profiteroles
Prunes poêlées à l’eau de vie / Plums sautéed in brandy
Ricotta à la lavande et aux mirabelles
/ Ricotta with lavender and plums
Salade d’oranges à la badiane / Sliced oranges with star anise
Schaum torte aux fraises / Strawberry schaum torte
Soufflés aux framboises / Raspberry soufflés
Soupe de rhubarbe aux fraises / Rhubarb soup with strawberries and mint
Strudel aux pommes / Apple strudel
Tarte à la rhubarbe et aux pêches / Rhubarb tart with peaches
Tarte aux abricots amandine / Apricot-almond tart
Tarte aux figues / Fresh fig tart
Tarte aux fraises / Strawberry tart
Tarte aux framboises / Raspberry tart
Tarte aux groseilles et cassis / Red and black currant tart
Tarte aux noix / Walnut tart
Tarte aux poires à la crème d’amandes
/ Pear tart with almond cream
Tarte aux pommes normande / Normandy apple tart
Tarte aux pommes toute simple / French apple tart
Tarte aux quetsches / Plum tart
Tarte Tatin / Tarte Tatin
Terrine de poires au chocolat / Chocolate-pear terrine
Tiramisu / Tiramisu
Truffes au chocolat / Chocolate truffles
Vacherin aux fruits de la passion / Meringues with passion fruit and ice cream

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5 Responses to Desserts

  1. Jody Hoffmann says:

    Thanks Meg I will give it a try! Jody

  2. Jody Hoffmann says:

    Meg, I recently heard of a yogurt loaf cake which is often the first cake that a French child learns to bake. Unfortunately, what was publish was one that uses savory spices instead of spices usually associated with desserts. Are you familiar with this loaf cake and have a recipe using spices associated with sweets.


    • Meg says:

      Hi Jody. I do have a recipe for French yogurt cake. I’ve never made it as a loaf cake, but you can try that. Otherwise use an 8-9″ round pan. The reason it’s often the first cake a child learns to bake is that the pot that the yogurt comes in is used as a measuring cup! I’m converting the French measurements here.
      French Yogurt Cake
      1/2 cup plain yogurt
      1 cup sugar
      1-1/2 cups flour
      1/4 cup vegetable oil (not olive oil)
      3 eggs
      1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
      1 tsp. baking powder
      pinch of salt
      Preheat the oven to gas mark 6 (180 C, 350 F). Grease your cake pan. Combine the yogurt and sugar in a mixing bowl. Gradually add the rest of the ingredients, mixing them in with a wire whip (or electric beater). Transfer to the cake pan and bake for 35 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the middle comes out clean. Bon appétit!

  3. After returning to U.S. from Geneva, Switzerland, I am trying to find some help with a Pignon Cake. It was made by the chef at 4 seasons hotel in Geneva. Simple but so decadent. I asked for recipe and was totally shocked that no traditional baking flour or other baking ingredient were used. The cake was baked as cupcakes with a delicious topping that included pinion nuts. One ingredient was pectin, I have never used pectin, apart from jelly. I was looking for some other recipes for this cake to try to understand the chemistry of this recipe and came across your site.
    I’m curious to know if you have ever made a cake from pectin, gelatin, sugar, orange pulp, orange confiture. Thank you, Teresa Ferguson

    • Meg says:

      Hello Teresa. In a word, no, I have never made a cake using the ingredients listed in your message. But I have made flourless cakes, which generally use ground almonds in place of the flour and are light and absolutely delicious. The recipe from the Four Seasons for a cake featuring pine nuts sounds wonderful. I’d suggest you just go ahead and try it, and let us know how it turns out. All best, Meg

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