Quiche au saumon fumé

quiche saumon epinards3At cooking class the other day, the students wanted to make quiche. Fine. But which kind to propose? Quiche lorraine with cream and bacon felt too heavy for spring, never mind that it’s still raining in Paris. Ditto flamiche, the leek quiche that hails from northern France and Belgium. I wanted something richly flavorful with a hint of luxury and a touch of green, a dish to cheer us up in this most dire of springs. Et voilà — inspiration in the form of a smoked salmon quiche, with spinach to brighten it.

Quiche au saumon fumé / Smoked salmon quiche

This quiche may be served as a starter, a light main dish at lunch or supper, or at brunch. The flavors of the salmon and the spinach marry well and are enhanced by grated cheese and a sprinkling of fresh dill. As for the rest of the filling — eggs, milk and cream — allow me to let you in on an open secret. This filling may be used with any kind of quiche. You’d rather marry mushrooms and bacon? Or broccoli and cheddar? Go for it. This is the ideal dish for using your imagination. Happy cooking!

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