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Paëlla poulet, chorizo, moules et gambas

Paella, the immensely popular rice dish from Spain, crossed the border long ago to become one of the favorite dishes of France. It is particularly prevalent in areas north of the Pyrenées, where I had the good fortune to spend … Continue reading

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Penne au safran, roquette et noix

Is it alchemy? Is it art? Each of the four main ingredients in this knock-out dish — saffron, arugula, walnuts and parmesan — has so much personality that one could easily imagine it knocking out the other three. And yet, … Continue reading

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Fricassée de poulet aux figues

Figs, apples and pomegranates have been much on my mind lately — partly because they are at their ripest and most delicious in the autumn, and partly for other (historical, anecdotal) reasons. One consequence is the creation in my kitchen … Continue reading

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Risotto au safran

Risotto is one of the world’s great comfort foods, and this particular kind — with saffron — is one of my favorites. It makes a fine starter and works well as a side dish. I served it the other evening … Continue reading

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This is one of those knock-your-socks-off openings to a meal that will have your guests begging for the recipe. I served it on two occasions in the past couple of weeks and both friends said it was so delic… (oops, … Continue reading

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Soupe aux artichauts safranée

I grow artichokes in my garden in Burgundy. This spring I’ll have to start over because a wild boar trampled my two artichoke plants last autumn. Which means I’ll be lucky if I get a single artichoke by September. Happily … Continue reading

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Soupe de moules au safran

I never tasted mussels before arriving in Paris as a young woman. They just weren’t available far from the sea in the American Midwest, where I grew up. But even though Paris is about two hours by road from the … Continue reading

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