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Piste de moules à la sétoise

Mussels with garlic, hot pepper, olive oil and fresh herbs, served in small glasses at cocktail hour, is a specialty of the charming Mediterranean port of Sète. This is local cuisine at its finest — le piste de moules, as … Continue reading

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Salade de betteraves aux noix

Behold the humble beet. Part of our culinary heritage since the time of the ancient Greeks, it is an inexpensive, low-calorie and nutrition-packed food. These days it’s getting a makeover in Paris, where it is served in chic restaurants in … Continue reading

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Spaghettis à l’ail et huile d’olive

Did Marco Polo really introduce spaghetti to Italy when he returned from China in 1295? Apparently not. This ancient food — noodles, in one form or another — existed in China for millennia before the intrepid Italian adventurer arrived there, … Continue reading

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Artichauts à la barigoule

Artichokes simmered lovingly with garlic and parsley — this dish is served throughout southeast France and Italy, and probably has been since Roman times. There are many variations, often with pancetta, breadcrumbs, tomatoes, onions, carrots or white wine. I prefer … Continue reading

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Gratin de tortiglioni aux lardons

Picture this: A cold winter’s night, a cheery fire, a bottle of red, and a dish that comes to the table hot and bubbling and irresistibly aromatic. What is it? A gratin, of course — pasta and bacon bathed in … Continue reading

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Poulet au pastis

Take a trip to Provence with this intensely aromatic dish of chicken with tomatoes, fennel, thyme and especially garlic and pastis, the anise-flavored apéritif of southern France. Just the aromas emanating from the kitchen conjure up fields of lavendar and … Continue reading

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Courgettes sautées à l’ail

If you have a garden, raising zucchini is a challenge. Not in the sense that it’s hard to grow — no. Rather, how to use its abundance. The courgette season has not yet begun in northern France due to our … Continue reading

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