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Haricots verts à la française

I lived in Paris for many years before I figured out how to cook green beans the French way. They would arrive glistening on bistro plates in deep green, succulent piles. Whatever I tried — steaming the beans, boiling them, … Continue reading

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Petits pois et haricots verts en salad

The use of flowers in French cuisine used to be a relative rarity, but these days it is less unusual — if you encounter a creative cook — to find nasturtiums in a salad or violets on a cocktail canapé. … Continue reading

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Bar à l’aïoli

Sea bass, variously known in France as bar (in the north) and loup (in the south), is highly prized because of its delicate flavor and succulent flesh. It is often grilled with fennel stalks over grapevine cuttings during barbecue season. … Continue reading

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Haricots verts aux noix en salade

Fresh beans with walnuts, garlic and cilantro — if you have ever tasted this superb combination of flavors, you’ll probably always remember it. And you might even know that it’s one of the signature tastes of the former Soviet republic … Continue reading

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