Petits pois et haricots verts en salad

pea bean salad3The use of flowers in French cuisine used to be a relative rarity, but these days it is less unusual — if you encounter a creative cook — to find nasturtiums in a salad or violets on a cocktail canapé. This site has already featured a couple of recipes with flowers: ricotta with lavender and plums and, on Wednesday, strawberry and rose petal jam. We seem to be on a roll, so why not try this early summer salad decorated with chives in blossom?

Petits pois et haricots verts en salade / Early summer salad with fresh peas and green beans

This bright green ode to summer is not just lovely to behold — it’s also a palate-teaser. Great as a first course, or on the side. And not to worry if you cannot find flowering chives. You can add another edible blossom as a garnish, or not, and use plain chives.

Now then. You are perhaps wondering why this recipe is a day late. I must apologize, but there’s a good reason. Art.

I was so excited yesterday to head out to the wonderful Margaret Dyer’s annual pastel drawing class that I simply forgot to blog before driving to Fontaine-Fourches, where the class is held. That charming village lies about an hour and a half east of Paris — theoretically. But we are in the grips of a train strike over here in France. Which means that everybody and their dog is using a car and the roads are totally jammed. I made it in just over 2 hours, did 3 drawings and it may take me 4 days to recover. I’m going back on Monday for a second session, and if any of the drawings turn out well enough I’ll give you a peek next week. In the meantime, happy cooking.

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  1. William A. Mc Guire says:

    Wonderful Recipe! Please send me more!

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