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Risotto aux champignons sauvages

This unusual wild mushroom risotto is the creation of John O’Shea, the brilliant young British chef who presides over the kitchen at JJ Beaumarchais, a restaurant downstairs from my apartment. It is unusual first because instead of rice it uses … Continue reading

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Tarte aux champignons sauvages

It’s mushroom hunting season in France, rather a dangerous sport as the hunting season for wild game is on as well. In my corner of Burgundy, men with guns have been out since September 21 hunting for pheasant, partridge, wild … Continue reading

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Poêlée de champignons des bois

I learned this dish many years ago from a French friend who happened to be living in the Périgord region south of Limoges, an area that falls within the northern reaches of Dordogne. First we went out gathering mushrooms in … Continue reading

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