Omelette bonne femme

omelet3I wanted to give you a great recipe for Valentine’s Day, and this is what I came up with. It’s a delightful brunch dish when preceded by a glass of champagne — and can also make a light supper with a minimum of fuss in the kitchen, leaving time for other pleasures. I’ve taken some liberties with the traditional recipe, adding arugula to the basic bonne femme combination of bacon and potatoes in order to create a more modern flavor.

Omelette bonne femme / Omelet with bacon, potatoes and arugula

The omelet isn’t the only thing that’s new today. I’m happy to report that a short story I wrote has been published on the site Leite’s Culinaria as a pre-Valentine’s Day special. Don’t be misled by the title they used. It’s a surprising cross-cultural tale of seduction originally titled Spicy. I hope you enjoy it.

Meantime, if you’re looking for the ultimate Valentine’s Day dessert, I’d like to direct you to another site, Joy of Baking, where the red velvet cake — a Georgia specialty I discovered last summer in Atlanta — is just out of this world. I learned about this site at the recent cooking conference in New York, and will return to that subject one of these days soon. Happy cooking!

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3 Responses to Omelette bonne femme

  1. Lisa says:

    I grew up on Red Velvet cake in the US South. It was always my requested birthday cake that my Nana would bake for me. Now, I teach my daughters how to make my Grandmother’s cake, and we made it for my 14 year old’s birthday in January. Sadly, Nana no longer has her recipe (it was probably clipped out from a newspaper’s food section 40 years ago), so I am making my way through various versions, some with more cocoa powder than others. Haven’t landed on my favorite recipe yet. Thanks for the link, I will try this one. For the cream cheese icing, I have found that the cream cheese in Germany is not the same as in the US, and have substituted marscapone cheese which nearly hits the mark. I haven’t found a local source for red food coloring and am ordering online. I am in Paris frequently. What brand of red food coloring do you use and where do you purchase it? Thanks much!

    • Meg says:

      Lisa, thanks for your comment. I don’t use any special kind of red food coloring here. It is sold in most supermarkets together with the other colors. But if you want top of the class food coloring, the place to go is Fauchon on Place de la Madeleine. They have superior quality products in all food categories, including cake making and decorating.

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