Moules au curry, gambas au pastis, rôti d’agneau aux deux haricots

mussels curry2An esteemed guest was coming to dinner last night — Alison Smale, executive editor of the International Herald Tribune, former colleague of mine when we were both reporters in Moscow in the 1980s, and dear friend. As it was Sunday, I went out in the morning to the street market in my neighborhood, the Marché Richard-Lenoir, planning to buy mussels and a small lamb roast — enough for Alison, my daughter and me. But the fish stand was also selling a big pile of large, succulent-looking raw gambas for just 6 euros, so I bought them too. And we had everything! The entire cooking process took no more than half an hour. Here’s what I did …

Moules au curry / Mussels in a light curry sauce
Gambas au pastis / Shrimp sautéed in pastis
Rôti d’agneau aux deux haricots / Roast lamb with two kinds of beans

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  1. Nicole Gersen says:

    Bravo Meg, notre meilleure chef française ! tu arriveras peut-être à me faire remettre aux fourneaux … Je recherche d’urgence mon dictionnaire !

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