Soupe au fenouil braisé

fennel soup1When summer fades toward autumn, the days grow shorter and the nights begin to nip, I often get a hankering for soup. And not just any soup — the warm, comforting kind, the kind with which to start an evening meal and make all feel right with the world. One of my favorites for autumn evenings is braised fennel soup, made from fennel bulbs, or finocchio, that is chopped, slowly browned in olive oil, braised in water or stock and then puréed.

Soupe au fenouil braisé / Braised fennel soup

The recipe serves up to 3, but when I made this the other night for an English friend we nearly finished the pot between the two of us. And then had a second course of duck! (Coming tomorrow). Fennel soup is light despite being hearty (try it — this isn’t a contradiction). It’s vegetarian if you cook the fennel using water (which I do) or vegetable stock. For vegans, simply omit the cream and add an extra swirl of olive oil.

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