Mousse au chocolat

chocolate mousse1This is a mousse for serious chocolate lovers. Its deeply seductive flavor comes from the combination of high-quality dark chocolate with cognac and whipped crème fraîche. If that sounds too devilish to you, or if you will be making your mousse for the younger set, you may omit the brandy and substitute dark coffee or vanilla. For best results, buy a couple of imported bars with a chocolate content of 70 percent. You won’t regret it.

Mousse au chocolat / Dark chocolate mousse

There are various culinary approaches to mousse. The most common, in France, is to include butter with the chocolate and eggs. Instead of butter this version instead uses cream, which I find makes a lighter mousse and one not quite so rich. It allows the flavor of the chocolate to dominate while producing the melt-in-your-mouth quality you seek from this sort of dessert. If the mousse is not sweet enough for your taste, serve with a dollop or spritz of sweet whipped cream on top.

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