Fraises et framboises à la crème

fraises framboises3At last it’s strawberry season! The Paris markets are overflowing with red ripe berries. First came the large and rather flavorless strawberries trucked up from Spain, and now the homegrown gariguettes, a highly prized French variety that’s bursting with sweet taste. Raspberries are here, too — they’re Spanish, but hey! They’re delicious. Why not combine the two into a succulent, simple dessert? Add a touch of fresh basil and it becomes really special, a creation to write home about.

Fraises et framboises à la crème / Strawberries and raspberries with cream

When I first came to France I was surprised to see simple desserts like strawberries with sugar or cream (or both) on the menus of elegant restaurants. But who can resist? It’s light, seasonal and oh so refreshing. The berries come piled up in high glass cups or artfully scattered on plates, accompanied by a big bowlful of crème fraîche and a jar of sugar. At home you can bring the fruit to the table and let diners compile their own creations, or do it for them in the kitchen. Doesn’t matter. This is a dessert that can be prepared any day of the week in less than five minutes, and will surely be greeted with applause.

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