Clafoutis aux poires

The beauty of the clafoutis is that it is so easy to make. An unpretentious French dessert, it is typically prepared in the spring, with cherries. But why wait half a year to enjoy it? In this late-summer version, pears are first caramelized and then baked in a batter of eggs, sugar, flour and milk. The result, served at tea time or after a meal,  is mouth-wateringly delicious.

Clafoutis aux poires / Pear flan

How this dessert got its name has various interpretations, but the origin that seems most plausible combines a Latin word meaning “to fill” and a French word meaning “to throw everything in.” For that is how it’s made. Once the pears are browning in butter and sugar, you throw the other ingredients into a mixing bowl, stir well and you’re done. A few moments later you have composed the dessert. Barricade your kitchen, because the aroma is so tempting that your entire household will descend on you.

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