Soupe froide de tomates

cold tomato soup1We’ve had a can of Campbell’s tomato soup sitting around the house for several months now. It was brought by a friend to my teenage daughter in Paris as an icon of life in the United States. She has never wanted to taste the soup since she treasures the object — which, by the way, she used in her final 9th grade art project (on Andy Warhol). I, too, enjoy seeing this reminder of girlhood lunches of hot tomato soup on a cold winter’s day. But that was yesteryear. These days I prefer a more sophisticated version of this classic soup.

Soupe froide de tomates / Chilled tomato soup

Fresh ripe tomatoes, lovingly simmered, retain a bit of interesting texture in this recipe. The flavor of the soup is intensified by a touch of balsamic vinegar and some fresh herbs. It makes a delightful start to a cool supper on a hot summer evening. Or you can serve it as the main course at lunch. As a bonus, it’s quick and easy to prepare, for a simple reason — you don’t need to peel the tomatoes.

And with this, dear readers, I leave you for a month. We are California bound and looking forward to discovering new tastes during our three weeks on the Pacific rim. Hopefully I’ll be able to incorporate some of that California culinary genius into the recipes on offer here in the fall. In the meantime, I leave you with this heartfelt thought:

Enjoy the summer, and happy cooking!

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2 Responses to Soupe froide de tomates

  1. Thank you for leaving me the great recipe. I will buy the tomatoes at the Maubert Market tomorrow, make the soup and raise a toast to your vacation. Bon Voyage!

  2. Lindy says:

    Have a wonderful adventure in California Meg. We look forward to some interesting tales and recipes.

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