Soufflé au roquefort

I first started making cheese soufflés while living in Moscow, where I was posted as a correspondent in the 1980s. Those were dark years with limited options for grocery shopping. But one could always find the ingredients needed for a soufflé — eggs, flour, butter, milk and cheese. I alternated between the recipes of two of my favorite cookbooks — The French Chef Cookbook by the unmatchable Julia Child, my first and most important influence in becoming a French chef, and The Vegetarian Epicure by Anna Thomas, a wonderful book. Over the years I have simplified these recipes to come up with a quick and easy version of this most ethereal of culinary creations.

Soufflé au roquefort / Roquefort soufflé

I don’t know who invented the soufflé but will look into it for future postings. But the bottom line is that this makes a spectacular entry to any meal. As a starter for a special occasion, you may make individual soufflés accompanied by champagne. For a light lunch or supper, follow the soufflé by a green salad and maybe some fruit. As for the cheese itself, if you don’t like roquefort, or don’t have any to hand, many other cheeses work equally well. Experiment, innovate, create…

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