Salade estivale

melon bresaola1I had a little contest on my culinary Facebook page last week. I asked followers  to choose among three great summer dishes — and the winner got posted on Friday, petits farcis. At the time the weather was glorious, but now showers have come to my corner of Burgundy, with a hint of autumn  in the air. So today I am posting the second of the three, in hopes that there will still be enough magnificent summer weather to enjoy it.

Salade estivale / Summer salad with melon and bresaola

A variation on the more traditional melon with prosciutto, this salad is as easy to prepare as it is lovely to behold. The bresaola — dry cured beef, Italian style — is less rich than cured ham and makes a nice contrast with the sweetness of the melon. And a touch of mint gives the greens in the middle an unexpected zinginess.

Now then — full disclosure. This salad, which I’m posting as a midweek treat, is not the dish that got the second most votes on Facebook. That was a midsummer crumble, and I will post the recipe on Friday. If you’d like to gather the ingredients ahead of time, buy or pick some plums, peaches and berries. You won’t be disappointed. It’s a winner.

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