Rôti de canard au romarin

roast duck 3Duck is often viewed as a winter dish, but in France it is served all through the year — with figs or apples in the fall, preserved in its own fat (confit) in winter, with new turnips or cherries in the spring. And in summer, duck comes into its own, whether barbecued over charcoal or, as here, prepared as a roast that is surprisingly light and flavorful. It may be served hot or, in warm weather, cold with an assortment of salads and a good rosé.

Rôti de canard au romarin / Rolled roast of duck with rosemary

The trick to making this roast as an everyday (read: easy) dish is having a butcher who will prepare it for you by tying two duck fillets together. Then all you have to do is add some garlic and rosemary and pop it into the oven. If such a butcher is not available where you live, you can tie the fillets together yourself as explained in the recipe. This requires some patience, but it’s not impossible. As for finding the duck fillets — omnipresent in France —  there are suppliers online in both the States and the UK. And elsewhere too if you scout around. The roast duck may be accompanied by a wide variety of sauces and I can guarantee it’s a crowd pleaser. Happy cooking!

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