Caviar d’aubergine épicé

caviar aubergine 1A friend was giving me a hard time the other day because I mentioned that it was now summer. ‘Who are you trying to kid?’ she retorted. And, yes, when I looked at the outdoor thermometer right now, it told me it’s 12 degrees Celsius this morning — that’s in the low 50s Fahrenheit. Well, right. But never mind. It is summer, even if we had to wear heavy sweaters around the barbecue last night. And even if you have to conjure up an image of yourself in warmer surroundings to enjoy this spicy summer starter…

Caviar d’aubergine épicé / Spicy eggplant caviar

This is a typical Mediterranean mezze dish that made its way to France most likely via Lebanon or Greece. And I usually serve it with other similar dishes, to have a least three hors’doeuvres on the table. For example, with Moroccan carrots and tomatoes with mozzarella, or a simple arugula salad. But even on its own, it makes a smashing start to a meal. Happy cooking!

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