Poulet au parmesan

Making parmesan chicken, a family favorite, is simplicity itself. There are only two ingredients — the parmesan and the chicken (plus a little olive oil for pan-frying). Unlike other similar dishes where chicken is coated before frying, this lighter version involves no flour, no breadcrumbs, no egg. The grated parmesan is simply patted onto the chicken breasts, which are then lightly fried until golden, et voilà — dinner is served.

Poulet au parmesan / Parmesan chicken

Of course, serving dinner may involve preparing other dishes to go with the chicken. For a family supper, my favorite go-to is small pasta with olive oil and snipped basil, plus perhaps a side salad of tender leaves and cherry tomatoes, as shown in the photo. For a more elaborate occasion, I’d suggest making a risotto — for example spinach risotto in winter or risotto with asparagus and peas in the spring. But in fact practically any veggie dish would marry well. As for wine, I’d go for a fruity red, such as a Beaujolais.

This recipe is standing in for the one I’d planned to post, lamb and onions braised in red wine, which didn’t turn out as well as expected. I’ll give it another try and post it next winter if it’s a success. For we are at last heading toward spring, thank goodness. The Paris winter has been unrelentingly dark and gray this year, sadly in tune with events. Tomorrow marks two years since the Russians invaded Ukraine, flouting international law and world opinion. This evening the French, who have supported Kyiv from the outset, are lighting up the Eiffel Tower in blue and yellow — the colors of the Ukrainian flag — to mark this regrettable anniversary.

Let’s hope that the weeks ahead will bring an end to the fighting both in Ukraine and in Gaza so that our troubled world can look toward a peaceful future. One in which families everywhere can sit calmly around the dinner table without fear of bombs exploding. Now that would be a delicious turn of events…

Happy cooking.

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