Polenta au parmesan et romarin

polenta2Crisp on the outside, moist and creamy on the inside, polenta is a perfect comfort food as cool autumn weather sets in. And the addition of parmesan and rosemary adds a bit of personality. I served it with duck breast with cassis the other evening, to much acclaim. Also on the menu (in case you were wondering): sauteed chanterelles with dill, carrot puree with cumin, braised baby artichokes, assorted French cheeses and blue Muscat grapes.

Polenta au parmesan et romarin / Polenta with parmesan and rosemary

But is it French? I was inspired to make polenta by my recent experiments with corn bread, an American dish that has yet to cross the Atlantic. Polenta, on the other hand, now makes the occasional appearance in Paris as the French repertoire expands to embrace dishes from neighboring countries and beyond. Italian favorites include pasta and pizza (of course), but also risotto, osso buco, calamari fritti and many other dishes. Polenta, which like corn bread is made from corn meal, may be served roasted, grilled, baked (as in this recipe) or as a porridge. It marries well with everything from roast chicken and pan-seared sea scallops to grilled meats and roasted veggies. Or even just a nice salad. Happy cooking!

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