Pavé de cabillaud tout simple

pan-seared cod3Flaky, white, infused with lemon and a touch of thyme, pan-seared cod with its golden exterior is a dish to daydream about. And maybe, in the not too distant future, merely to dream about — for cod, once an abundantly plentiful fish, has been on and off the endangered species list for more than a decade. Within our lifetimes it may well disappear completely in markets from Paris and Lisbon to New York. If it’s available these days, it can be pricey. But it’s worth it, in my opinion.

Pavé de cabillaud tout simple / Pan-seared cod with thyme

Instead of debating the ethical issues of eating cod in the 21st century (issues of which there are plenty, but we have the comment space on this page for that), I’d like to bring you up to date with some site news.

Today marks once month since I launched The Everyday French Chef as an experiment, not knowing what would ensue. The result so far has surpassed my hopes. Yesterday, we had our 2,000th page view — a milestone that felt particularly well timed! As of today, I’ve begun building up the Menus section of the site with suggestions for quick seasonal everyday meals — cooking time of 20-30 minutes — composed of dishes that have already appeared on this site. Coming soon: Menus for weekends and special occasions.

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Meg Bortin

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3 Responses to Pavé de cabillaud tout simple

  1. Jan says:

    Made this last night! I used fresh thyme from my garden and halibut because I couldn’t find cod–and lengthened the cooking times just by a minute or two because the fish was thicker. It was wonderful–and easy. I do love these daily recipes…and appreciate the “go with” suggestions.

    • Meg says:

      Jan, thanks for the feedback! It’s great to hear about it when a recipe turns out well — and your innovations sound delicious.

  2. Helen says:

    Mouth-watering 🙂

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