Coquilles saint-jacques au muscat

sea scallops1Scallops sautéed to a glorious crispness, their hearts meltingly tender, with the pungency of garlic and thyme infusing a sauce of ethereal sweetness… That is what this recipe produces, and it takes no more than 10 minutes to prepare. Served on a bed of salad greens, it makes a spectacular starter or light lunch dish, and has star quality as a main dish in its own right.

Coquilles saint-jacques au muscat / Scallops sautéed in sweet wine

In former times one had to live near the sea to have access to scallops, but that is no longer the case thanks to the advent of high-quality frozen seafood. The results are almost as good with frozen scallops as with fresh ones, or arguably better if you consider the convenience factor. With scallops in your freezer you can produce this dish at a moment’s notice. As for the vin de muscat — not to be confused with muscadet! — it is a pale yellow sweet wine that has been produced in various regions across southern France since ancient times. My favorite is Frontignan, as much for the beauty of the bottle as for the delicate flavor. If muscat is not available where you live, the recipe works well with any number of sweet wines, from sweet sherry to apple jack.

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