Pâté de foies de volaille au cassis

pate with cassis1First, the news. It is now possible to subscribe to this site. To receive daily email updates from The Everyday French Chef, just click the link on the upper right of this page. And now, the recipe. Although pâté is quintessentially French, there are as many ways of making it as there are regions across this multifacted land. This version is unusual in that it is flavored with crème de cassis, the black currant liqueur from Burgundy that is popular over here in the white wine cocktail known as kir. The cassis gives the pâté a slightly sweet tang (no, that’s not a contradiction), as you’ll see if you try it.

Pâté de foies de volaille au cassis / Chicken liver pâté with cassis

More traditionally, pâté is flavored with cognac or port, either of which may be substituted in this recipe with happy results. More variations: add a little fresh sage when you add the thyme, or crumble in a hot cayenne pepper for additional kick. Or, when you’re ready to serve, chop some fresh herbs on top — dill, cilantro and chervil  work well. This pâté is a nice start to a meal served with a little salad on the side, with other hors d’oeuvres, or simply on its own.

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