Charlotte glacée aux framboises

charlotte glacee1Here’s a holiday dessert that’s fun to prepare and makes a light change from fruitcake or mince pies or yule log. Three layers of ice cream and sorbet are encased in ladyfingers (boudoirs in French), inverted onto a lovely plate, lightly iced and topped with fresh raspberries. This version uses raspberry sorbet, vanilla ice cream with toasted almonds, and passion fruit sorbet. Don’t like that combination? Create your own. For example, chocolate sorbet, pistachio ice cream and strawberry sorbet. Or whatever you like.

Charlotte glacée aux framboises / Iced raspberry charlotte

Next week, to round off the holiday season, I will be offering you one of my favorite knock-their-socks-off holiday dishes — just in time for New Year’s Eve. I’m letting you know in advance so that you can start thinking about finding the ingredients. It’s a coulibiac in which salmon, cod, smoked salmon, dilled rice, spinach and mushrooms are layered inside a golden crust of puff pastry. A fabulous main dish for a party, and again, fun to make.

Front.coverOn other fronts, if you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet, you might want to consider the Kindle version of my new book, Desperate to Be a Housewife. There’s a Kindle Countdown Deal starting tomorrow in which the price is cut in half, and will go up in small daily increments until Christmas day. Click here to view.

Here’s wishing you all a very lovely holiday season. And while we’re at it, happy cooking!

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3 Responses to Charlotte glacée aux framboises

  1. BJ wenger says:

    i love your recipes and i love your style( i actually knew JULIA at WGBH in Bahstan.
    ex was doing a post doc internship there) you have her
    “je ne sais crois”. i would like your book but
    my brain prefers paper ( see last issue of Sci -Am)
    is it available? OR transmitable to my Macbook so as to print out what
    i’ m. preparing ?

    KEEP IT COMING! happy New year!

    • Meg says:

      Thanks for your support! I wish there was a cookbook coming but that is not on the horizon for the moment. But you can print out every recipe on the site using the Cleanprint button at the bottom of the page. All best, Meg

  2. This is one of my favorite desserts! This iced version is, in my opinion, a perfect ending for Christmas dinner, delicious and (kind of) light 😉

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