Tarte aux framboises

raspberry tart 1There’s nothing so pleasing in early summer as a raspberry tart. Just thinking of it evokes the garden of my Aunt Marge back in Wisconsin. She was a potter and had lush raspberry bushes in her front yard, the red fruit hanging sweet and heavy on the branches. I’m not sure I’ve ever encountered raspberries as delicious as those. Except when making this tart…

Tarte aux framboises / Raspberry tart

It takes a little forward planning to concoct this confection. First, the tart shell needs to be prepared and baked in advance. Then you need to make a bowl of French pastry cream. And finally you assemble it all, with the ripe berries on top painted with bright red jam as a glaze. I did it the other evening and there were smiles all around. Well worth the effort.

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