Salade d’hiver aux poires et aux noix

mesclun poire4Take a couple handfuls of mixed winter greens, add bits of pear and walnut, spritz on some lemon juice, add olive oil, salt and pepper, et voilà — a zesty winter salad that takes no more than five minutes to prepare. I owe this recipe to my Sicilian friend Gisella, who made a version of this salad for a sumptuous feast held under the volcano last Christmas. Mount Etna, of course.

Salade d’hiver aux poires et aux noix / Winter salad with walnuts and pear

I’ve made this salad three times in the last three days — once as a first course (preceding an earthy dish of chicken with morel mushrooms, which I’ll be posting here on Friday), once as a main dish (at lunch), and once as a side dish (with grilled steak). Just to say that it’s a salad as versatile as it is simple to prepare.

And now for more site news: I’ve just posted my first two how-to videos: how to make mustard vinaigrette, and how to make mayonnaise. Take a look — and send me your feedback! In the meantime, happy cooking.

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