Salade de tomates aux herbes

herbal tomato salad 2Now that tomatoes are coming into season, it’s the perfect time of year for serving them as a bright salad liberally sprinkled with fresh herbs. The result is a lovely starter or side dish to a summer meal. And one that’s super easy to make. My favorite combination of herbs, dating back to my Russian summers, is dill and cilantro. They lend an exotic flavor that’s out of this world. In France, the herb most commonly used is parsley, and that’s good, too.

Salade de tomates aux herbes / Herbal tomato salad

But if you prefer basil, go for it. In the Burgundy countryside, where I have failed miserably to grow dill, cilantro or basil, I make this salad with mint from my garden. Surprisingly interesting! It goes without saying that your salad will be as good as the tomatoes you choose. It’s worth spending a little extra at a farmer’s market for locally grown tomatoes. They can’t be beat.

Site news: This being summer, I will be posting recipes once a week on Fridays for the next few weeks. The Everyday French Chef will be back twice a week in September. Happy cooking!

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