Soupe de légumes

vegetable soup1Leeks, carrots and potatoes puréed with cream and some spices — this is the soup that every French woman and man has loved since childhood. For years, probably centuries, it was the main dish of an evening meal. Once served regularly in restaurants, it is more rarely encountered there these days. But it is still served often in French homes, never mind convenience foods. There is nothing better for starting a meal on a cold autumn evening.

Soupe de légumes / French vegetable soup

Since childhood actually means since infancy, for the most beloved French experts on child rearing recommend serving this soup to babies from the age of six months. Of course, they also recommend serving children roquefort cheese from about eight months — which may go some way to explaining why the French have such sophisticated palates. None of this means that the soup is not suited to adult tastes. Enhanced with herbs, a little cumin or some cayenne pepper, accompanied by a hearty red wine, it will take the chill off a cold day, or a rough day. Couldn’t be healthier, and it is, frankly, delicious.

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  1. Ann Mah says:

    I think I’m making this tonight! Thanks for the idea. And speaking of roquefort, it’s also delicious melted into soupe aux legumes.

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