Risotto aux asperges et petits pois

risotto asperges1Yes, it’s spring. Don’t let anyone try to tell you otherwise, even if you happen to live in a part of the world where it’s been raining nonstop since October. Like Paris, and in fact quite a large swath of France. My garden in Burgundy is suffering as much as I am. The beans won’t come up, the shallots and potatoes are waterlogged and it’s been too cold to put in the tomatoes or zucchini. The only plants withstanding this endless winter are the peas. If the sun could come out for five minutes a day, maybe I’d be able to make this dish with homegrown food by around July. Never mind that it’s a dish for spring…

Risotto aux asperges et petits pois / Risotto with asparagus and fresh peas

Thumbing my nose at the weather, I made this risotto the other evening to the great delight of a friend who came to dine. It may be served as a starter, a side dish or the main attraction of a light meal, accompanied by salad and a chilled rosé. It is creamy and rich, with a touch of parmesan to meld the flavors of peas, asparagus, onion, parsley, broth, the rice and a little white wine. I improvised a bit, adding peas to an asparagus risotto recipe I like. The resulting concoction bore more than a slight resemblance to a dish from the Venice region, risi e bisi, which is a slightly soupy version of risotto served in spring. So don’t be put off by the rain. Just take an umbrella, head for the kitchen and start cooking. It’s the best therapy I know for finding pleasure in a dreary day.

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