Pâte sablée

tarte pommes1This is a recipe for French pastry, but it is also a test. I think we’ve made progress against the East European hackers who got into this site, but I need to test it out with a post. Which is why you are receiving a second extra recipe this weekend (no extra charge!). Once the problem is confirmed to be solved, I’ll send you a full account of this somewhat frightening modern story, which has galloped from Paris to Cleveland to Scottsdale, Arizona, to a small town in Czech Republic and finally Florida. In the meantime, if you see any links below that do not say Pâte sablée, don’t click on them. I didn’t put them there. And now, here’s…

Pâte sablée / French tart dough

This is the basic French dough for making sweet tarts. Far easier to prepare than puffy pâte feuilletée, this cookie crust may be made in about 5 minutes and patted into a tart pan as shown above. It needs no pre-cooking for most fruit tarts. For example, with apples as in the photo, just slice the fruit, arrange it in the shell, sprinkle with sugar, dot with butter, and bake. It produces a tender, slightly crumbly crust with a flavor that, as my cooking student Louise would say, is just divine. Try it and see.

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