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Gratin de tortiglioni aux lardons

Picture this: A cold winter’s night, a cheery fire, a bottle of red, and a dish that comes to the table hot and bubbling and irresistibly aromatic. What is it? A gratin, of course — pasta and bacon bathed in … Continue reading

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Soupe aux poireaux caramelisés

Soup, glorious winter soup. The glory being that it’s so simple to make — two leeks, one potato, a little broth and that’s it. A peasant approach to a winter’s supper. And yet, and yet. What lifts this soup out … Continue reading

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Blanquette de veau

This most classic of French veal dishes got its name from it’s light-colored creamy sauce. The sauce is more or less white (blanc), and the dish could translate as ‘little white veal stew.’ Ah oui, mes amis, but let’s not … Continue reading

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Salade de chèvre chaud au miel

There’s something wild about the flavors in this salad — goat cheese warmed to melting, a sprinkling of herbs from Provence, honey, olive oil, mixed greens and mint. For me it conjures up the warm days of summer, even in … Continue reading

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