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Rémoulade de crabe au céleri

With Thanksgiving behind us and as we head into the holiday season, I will be posting dishes over the next few weeks that can grace a festive table. The first, curried crab remoulade, makes a delightful starter to brighten up … Continue reading

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Crème caramel

I ran a little guessing game on Facebook last night to see which classic French dessert people thought I’d be posting today. The answers ranged from tarte Tatin to crème brulée and clafoutis aux cerises (a springtime speciality!). No, it’s … Continue reading

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Coquilles saint-jacques aux girolles

This is a French version of surf and turf, a perfect marriage of succulent scallops from the sea and golden chanterelle mushrooms from the forest. I’d been longing to make the dish this autumn, but chanterelles — girolles in French … Continue reading

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Fenouil et endives braisés

My friend Vera, a superlative cook, has lived all over the world. Bohemian by birth (Czech) and by nature (an adventurer’s soul), she moved from Prague to Paris to Montréal to Beijing to Jerusalem to Moscow to Berlin to London … Continue reading

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Salade César

Is Caesar salad French? Many would say no. It was invented by Cesare Cardini, an Italian-American chef, at his restaurant in Tijuana. What’s so French about that? Ah oui, mes amis — but the defining characteristic of a Caesar salad … Continue reading

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