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Rôti de canard au romarin

Duck is often viewed as a winter dish, but in France it is served all through the year — with figs or apples in the fall, preserved in its own fat (confit) in winter, with new turnips or cherries in … Continue reading

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Caviar d’aubergine épicé

A friend was giving me a hard time the other day because I mentioned that it was now summer. ‘Who are you trying to kid?’ she retorted. And, yes, when I looked at the outdoor thermometer right now, it told … Continue reading

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Soupe de concombre aux herbes

Here’s a summer soup that’s cool as a cucumber, with a little spice for heat and lots of fresh herbs. I chose parsley, cilantro and dill, but variations are endless. Try it with mint or basil, or both. You can … Continue reading

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Tarte aux framboises

There’s nothing so pleasing in early summer as a raspberry tart. Just thinking of it evokes the garden of my Aunt Marge back in Wisconsin. She was a potter and had lush raspberry bushes in her front yard, the red … Continue reading

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We’re heading south for the summer. On Tuesday, it was Provence. Today it’s the Mediterranean coast, for the spicy, herbal grilled ground-meat sausages or meatballs known here as kefta. But are they French, you may well ask? Originally, no. Kefta … Continue reading

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Salade mesclun à l’huile de noix

I first encountered mesclun at a charming inn near Saint-Paul-de-Vence, in one of the most breathtaking corners of Provence. We lunched at a sun-splashed table, caressed by the aromas wafting over from fields of lavender and wild thyme. Was that … Continue reading

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Uncloaked: How hackers attacked The Everyday French Chef

The Everyday French Chef is a cooking blog, but as it happens this particular food blogger is also a journalist with a background in investigative reporting. What follows is my report on how cybercriminals penetrated this web site with links … Continue reading

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This is a recipe for French basil sauce, and it is also a final test to make sure everything is running smoothly on this site following my misadventure with hackers. The story of how and why they got into The … Continue reading

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Pâte sablée

This is a recipe for French pastry, but it is also a test. I think we’ve made progress against the East European hackers who got into this site, but I need to test it out with a post. Which is … Continue reading

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This is a recipe for couscous, but it is also a test. Some people in Czech Republic have managed to hack into the email updates that go out to subscribers with each of my posts. They have now twice inserted … Continue reading

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