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Asperges à la sauce hollandaise

Let me tell you about the time I had lunch with Roman Polanski. It was many years ago, shortly before the Cannes Film Festival, and I was working for The Hollywood Reporter. He agreed to an interview and we met … Continue reading

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Suprêmes de pintade au miel et au thym

The guinea fowl is a pretty bird, known as pintade in French because of its polka-dot plumage, which looks like it could have been painted by a pointillist like Seurat (pintade deriving from the Portuguese pintado, meaning painted). The guinea … Continue reading

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Petits pois à la française

Went down to the country this weekend and planted some peas. It’s finally warm enough. If I’m lucky they’ll be ready by July. Thankfully the Paris markets are already bursting with fresh peas — flown up from Morocco or Spain. … Continue reading

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Fraises et framboises à la crème

At last it’s strawberry season! The Paris markets are overflowing with red ripe berries. First came the large and rather flavorless strawberries trucked up from Spain, and now the homegrown gariguettes, a highly prized French variety that’s bursting with sweet … Continue reading

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Turbot au four au beurre blanc

Friends were stopping by en route home to England. A birthday lunch was called for. And the guest of honor, having seen the fish on display at my local market, made a special request: Could we please have turbot for … Continue reading

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Navarin d’agneau printanier

Navarin, or lamb stew, derives from the French word for turnips — navets — which turn up (pun intended) in colorful bunches in outdoor markets every spring. Their appearance heralds not only the return at last of warm weather, but … Continue reading

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Quiche au saumon fumé

At cooking class the other day, the students wanted to make quiche. Fine. But which kind to propose? Quiche lorraine with cream and bacon felt too heavy for spring, never mind that it’s still raining in Paris. Ditto flamiche, the … Continue reading

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Genoise au citron et pavot

April in Paris… Snowflakes and gray skies… Nary a blossom is to be seen… Given the situation, the only solution the other day was to make a beautiful cake. It was Easter Sunday and I’d been invited to dinner. The … Continue reading

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Soupe aux artichauts safranée

I grow artichokes in my garden in Burgundy. This spring I’ll have to start over because a wild boar trampled my two artichoke plants last autumn. Which means I’ll be lucky if I get a single artichoke by September. Happily … Continue reading

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